Do you have a missing tooth? The impact of missing teeth goes far beyond aesthetics. If you're considering dental implants for those gaps, now is the best time to seek an implant dentist.

The real cost of missing teeth

The most obvious impact of lacking pearly whites is the effect they have on the appearance of a person. Our looks affect the way we feel. Lack of pearly whites therefore have profound social and psychological effects. Many people with missing teeth are self-conscious, especially when it comes to smiling or laughing.

The impact of having no teeth is far reaching where dental health is concerned. The loss of pearly whites affects the jaw bone. This is because stimulation is required to maintain and improve the density of the jaw bone. Therefore, a person who has lost teeth is likely to suffer loss in jaw bone width over time.

The effects go even further if the bone loss is not arrested. If the loss continues, it will cause a change in the shape of the person's face. This will eventually result in the partial collapse of the face.

Some people are only concerned about the loss of pearly whites in parts of the mouth that are easily noticeable such as the front. However, loss of teeth at the back of the mouth results in a change in bite. This is because they provide vertical support for the face. If they are not there, they will cause the front pearly whites to be crushed together.

Best solution

The best way to solve the issues caused by lost pearly whites is to replace them. This is what dental implants were designed to do. They replace the roots of the missing tooth. They consist of a rod made of titanium that is inserted into the jaw bone. The jawbone eventually grows around the titanium rod and holds it in place. This rod acts as the root and provides support to a tooth replica that is screwed to the top.

What to expect

When you approach an implant dentist for implants, they will examine your mouth to determine whether you are a good candidate for the procedure. This will involve x-rays to see the density of your jaw bone.

If you are cleared for the procedure, you will be provided with a plan outlining the suggested procedure. If you approve the plan, the dentist will proceed with the surgical insertion of the implants. Once you have healed from the surgery, the false teeth can be fitted and inserted.

Source by Dr Curt Ringhofer

First things first, what is Periodontal Disease? 'Peril' refers to around while 'dental' means teeth. Therefore, gum disease is a bacterial infection that affects the structures surrounding the teeth. The infection can cause serious inflammation of the gums (gingivitis) and if left untreated, gum disease will not only affect the gums but also the roots, the ligaments, and the alveolar bone.

So, what are causes periodontal disease? As we all know, most dental diseases and infections emanate from cavities and oral plaque. gum disease is not an exception when it comes to the failure of maintaining oral hygiene. Believe it or not, periodontal disease is not common in people who pay regular visits to the dentist, especially for plaque removal and overall dental checkups.

The Diagnosis

Cosmetic dentists diagnose the periodontal disease with a probe visual examination. Additionally, by looking at different X-ray images of your teeth and gums, the dentists are able to identify if there is an infection inside the patient's gum tissues.

Whether you like or not, taking care of your teeth and maintaining oral hygiene is inevitable, especially after a periodontal diagnosis . And because not everyone knows the dos and don'ts when it comes to oral hygiene, below are some important guidelines that will help you say goodbye to cavities, gum disease and periodontal disease in general.

What most people need to understand is that negligence of oral hygiene can lead to different oral problems which can later advance to periodontal disease. Below are the two best ways of maintaining oral hygiene and keeping periodontal disease. By putting these two ways into consideration, you will also reduce the chances of making your oral problem more serious.

· For starters, people need to stop thinking that it is normal for your gums to bleed every time you brush your teeth. Whether you are having painful gums or not, gum bleeding is a red flag. Sad but true, bleeding gums after brushing or flossing are a sign of bacterial infection and if left untreated, the infection can spread leading to more serious dental issues.

Therefore, whether your oral issue seems big (like missing teeth) or small (like bleeding gums), making regular visits to your dentist is the first step towards having healthy gums and teeth.

· Another effective way of maintaining oral hygiene is brushing and flossing at least once a day, or twice if possible. And because there are areas of our mouth that we normally don't reach, you can go for professional brushing by your dentist. The dentist will ensure that the plaque around your mouth is removed.

The treatment

If it happens that you already have periodontal disease, it is important that you seek the necessary treatment as soon as possible. Depending on the damage caused, your cosmetic dentist will advise you on the best treatment option. For example, if your periodontal disease has led to the loss of teeth, your doctor may advise you to replace these teeth with artificial teeth. Additionally, when the infection is too serious, your dentist will administer period wave treatment

Source by William Jam Smith

Do you know that tooth decay in children is “5 times more common than asthma and 7 times more common than hay fever”? This fact has been confirmed by the US Surgeon General’s Oral Health Report of May 2000. A research conducted by the American Dental Hygienists’ Association (ADHA) established periodontal disease as the prime factor leading to diabetes, coronary diseases, HIV and osteoporosis. Paying regular visits to the dentist, therefore, becomes essential for leading a healthy life. There are some crucial criteria you must consider while looking for good Manhattan dentists.

Points to Consider While Choosing Manhattan Dentists

When you are searching for a good dentist, there are several parameters you must take into account:

1. Check the credentials of each dentist. Ensure that he has comprehensive knowledge and expertise in conducting dental procedures.

2. Ascertain that the dentist you plan on consulting takes a detailed account of your medical history and any oral health problems.

3. Ensure that the dentist keeps you well-informed about the procedure/s you need to undertake and customizes his services according to your individual needs.

In addition to the above-mentioned parameters, you must also look for a dentist who has experience in handling problems similar to your own.

Manhattan Dentists: Specialization

Dentists in Manhattan have a specialization in at least one of the areas of dental care mentioned below:

1. Orthodontist: See an orthodontist if you wish to get your teeth aligned. The orthodontist applies braces to your teeth and restores their shape.

2. Endodontist: If you have a problem pertaining to the inner part of the teeth, you need to see an endodontist than a regular dentist. The endodontist specializes in performing root canals and deals with the blood vessel, tooth enamel and nerves inside the mouth.

3. Pediatric Dentists: When you need to take your children to the dentist, one with pediatric expertise should be preferred. Pediatric dentists are experts in catering to the needs of children, which are very different from that of adults.

4. Periodontist: Look for a trusted Periodontist in case of oral inflammation. Periodontists specialize in diseases pertaining to the soft tissues, gums and bones that support the teeth.

Source by Alice M Shown

Going to the dentist for teeth whitening can set you back by a few hundred dollars. Some feel this expense isn’t really worthwhile. However, you’ll get quick results that last longer, and depending upon your circumstances and needs, this may well be an investment that pays off richly.

One thing to be aware of is that the results vary for every patient. If your teeth look yellow, they will very likely become whiter and sparkle, but if your teeth are somewhat grey or brown, then going to the dentist for whitening treatment alone may not get good results.

Dental offices provide custom tailored trays that are designed specifically for your mouth and teeth. These may be a little more expensive, but the treatment is tailored to your specific needs. You wear the tray like a mouthguard for an hour every day, or maybe even when you sleep.

Over the counter kits for improving dental hygiene are popular among some users. Whitening costs average $60 using this method, which is cheaper than going to a dentist who’ll charge you ten times as much. However, you should be cautious to not repeat these treatments too frequently, as they can ruin your teeth.

There are many other options for teeth whitening. If you don’t mind spending a cash at the dentist’s office then you may opt for treatments like the Zoom teeth whitening program. This takes an hour and will turn your teeth into sparkling white marvels. But this is an expensive approach and not everyone can afford it. It also increases sensitiveness of the teeth because of a bleaching agent in the mix.

It is in this context that you must evaluate the relative merits of an electric toothbrush. A device like the Philips Sonicare electrical toothbrush might seem expensive, even exorbitant at first glance. However, once you contrast it against the cost of repeated dentist visits to get hygienic and clean teeth, the value inherent in an electric toothbrush becomes apparent.

  1. The cost of cleaning your own teeth effectively with an electric toothbrush is a fraction of what a dentist or dental clinic will charge you for it.
  2. The side effects such as sensitive teeth or side effects from repeated bleaching are completely eliminated.
  3. The inconvenience and wasted time associated with fixing a dental appointment and keeping it are avoided with this do it yourself option.

If you’re looking to brighten your smile without hassle and at low cost, then buying an electric toothbrush may be your smartest decision this year.

Source by Cumba Gowri

People interested in optimum health are switching to alternative medicine in large numbers. Holistic medicine physicians handle the root cause of illness utilizing treatments that enable self-healing.

Lots of people don’t know that a select family of dentists are alternative also. This kind of dental care might be called holistic, alternative, natural, homeopathic, naturopathic or biologic. No matter what they call themselves, the core of alternative dentistry is to provide therapy that is safe and biologically appropriate.

The fundamental standards of holistic care were established by the Greek doctor Hippocrates about 2500 years ago. He advised his students and followers to adhere to two crucial rules:

1. 1st, don’t ever harm… therapies should never be more harmful than the ailment

2. Recognize the Vis Medicatrix Naturae… nature has the power to cure

Conventional dentistry has forgotten these simple recommendations. Some of the most toxic elements on the planet are used in the materials that typical dentists place in your mouth. Alternative dentists understand that oral health can affect overall health and wellbeing in both beneficial and destructive ways. They utilize effective treatments and safe products that will promote your body’s innate ability to heal.

Some examples of alternative dental treatment include:

*Treatment methods that preserve precious tooth structure and reduce the necessity for caps and root canal therapy

*Avoidance of toxic components such as mercury, metals, fluoride and antibiotics

*Using only biologically appropriate products (like composite, porcelain/porcelain or zirconia) to restore teeth

*Utilize digital x-rays to decrease your radiation exposure to minor levels

*Use treatments that induce the restorative capacity of nature (you can heal decay and periodontal disease)

*Only replace dental amalgam if utilizing “Mercury-Safe Methods”

Mercury safety is one of the most important reasons to see a natural dentist. Dental amalgam leaks toxic mercury that winds up in every cell of your body. While that’s bad enough, your most important exposure to mercury takes place when the dentist removes a metallic filling in an un-safe way. Mercury safe methods prevent this unhealthy exposure to mercury vapor. A capable natural dentist will protect your health when replacing metallic fillings. Conventional dentists do not appreciate the danger involved in replacing silver fillings and do not use mercury-safe techniques. This omission could have devastating effects for your overall health.

Becoming an alternative dentist isn’t easy. It requires courage to challenge the status quo and begin doing the things you believe in. A natural dental clinic is different in lots of ways from a standard office… different materials, different equipment, different clientele and often times different office staff. So, you might have to invest some time doing research before you find a holistic dentist that meets your needs. Just do it… your health and wellness are worth it!

So what are you waiting around for? Go get a consultation with a natural dentist… your health may very well depend on it.

Source by Curt Eastin, DDS, ND

Looking for fast and easy tips for hiring a good accountant for your business or individual finances? There are many experts that you need in your life to ensure that things run smoothly. From your doctor to your dentist, each professional you hire is there to provide their expertise and solve your problems. In each case, it’s important that the staff you select are a good match for your personality and your requirements.

A good accountant is no different. They are worth their weight in gold, ultimately assisting you in maximizing your income and minimizing those taxes. So what are you waiting for? Here are my top tips to ensuring you hire the best accountant for your needs.

Fast and easy tips for hiring a good accountant

Knowing what you want is by far and away the best tip there is. What exactly are you hoping to get from your accountant? Do you need them to prepare your taxes or sort out your financials? Understanding your needs is the first step in sourcing a good accountant.

Ask the right questions

Not every accountant will be the ideal candidate for you. Therefore, prepare a list of questions to get to the bottom of exactly what they are offering to avoid any surprises. Do they provide monthly bookkeeping as well as business taxes? What exactly can you expect to pay for their services?

Get a referral from a personal contact

Like a good hairdresser, finding a professional that ‘gets’ you can be a challenge. Ask around and see if there is an accountant that somebody near and dear to you recommends. Find out what they like about them. Ask them what services they are given and at what price.

Double check their qualifications and experience

Don’t be swayed by the promise of a large check following your tax return submission. Always confirm their qualifications and experience thoroughly. If in doubt, ask them for a reference so you can verify they are as good as they say they are.

Understand what they need from you

Make sure you know what is expected of you up front. Can you do everything that is required from your perspective? Do you need to visit their office and supply them with physical paperwork, or will electronic copies sent through email be suitable? Does the way they operate meet your expectations?

Gauge their availability

Accountants may not be known for their customer service skills, but it is still an important and real aspect of their job. If you don’t hear from them for days, perhaps they are not the one for you. You need to know that you can get a hold of them when you need them the most.

Consider whether you need a specialized service

Not everyone has the same accounting requirements, and there are many situations which require a specialist’s touch. Ask them specifically whether they have the experience to help you. Do their regular services cover your requirements? Or do you need to pay over and above to get the assistance you need?

Undertaking the legwork before you hire is vital to a successful match. There is no shortcut when it comes to hiring a good accountant, so make sure you do your homework before you sign on the dotted line.

Source by Michelle Tupy

There are plenty of great dentists you will find on Harley St. This is why it has become easy to keep your teeth in top shape. Dentists on Harley St aim for optimum oral health for all their patients. If your teeth are in bad shape it can be quite expensive to get them treated. Though you have many options, finding the right dentist can be a quite a headache. It can be really hard to find some one you can trust with your teeth. In this article I am going to discuss a few tips which will help you select the best dentist on Harley St in London.

The most important thing you need to do is get recommendations. If you know a close friend who has had a good experience with a dentist you know you can trust him. Remember to ask your family, friends, neighbors for recommendations. You can also find out how expensive or cheap the dentist is by doing this.

Another great idea is to ask your family doctor. You can be assured that some one who has been taking care of your family’s health for years would give you the best suggestion. You can also turn to your local pharmacist for help.

Many people are now looking online to find some one reliable. The British Dental Association or BDA provides lists of dental societies for all states. This way you would have all the necessary information you need about your dentist. You need to do your research properly because a dentist is some one you want to build a long term relationship with. You need to find some one you can trust. So I recommend trying 2 or 3 dentists before you commit to one. You need to feel comfortable with the person taking care of your teeth. This is why I recommend going through the BDA’s list of dental societies.

Once you have short listed a few doctors you need to do a little more research. Visit the clinics website and look for user reviews. You also need to know the dentists qualifications and where he or she studied from. Try and look for any certifications and prizes, dentists love to show this off on their website. When you visit their clinic you need to make sure that it is clean and well organized. A dirty clinic is a sign of shabby work.

Another thing you need to consider is the clinic location. Your clinic should ideally be located close to your home and workplace as well. This way you could rush to the clinic in case of an emergency.

Lastly the most important aspect you need to check is if your treatment will be covered by your dental health plan. You need to make sure that your dentist participates in your health plan so you are covered otherwise you will be spending thousands of pounds.

Overall your dentist needs to be friendly and helpful. He should also be knowledgeable and should be able to answer all your questions. Once you have all these points covered you know you have found some one reliable and trust worthy.

Source by Linda N. Puglisi

Whether you are moving to a new neighborhood or saying goodbye to a retiring dentist you've been with for years, finding a new dental office can be easier said than done. Fortunately, we have the tips for finding a good dentist that will help you locate the dental office that will meet your needs perfectly. With a bit of footwork and a little research, you will be sitting pretty in that dental chair in no time at all.

The first tip for finding a good dentist is to collect a list of names to consider. You can create this list by talking to friends and family members about the dentist they go to, or consulting with the American Dental Association to find dentists in your area.

Dentists that are on the ADA list have agreed in writing to uphold a high standard of dentistry that should make any patient rest a bit easier. If you choose to go with recommendations from family and friends, make sure you ask questions that will help you determine if this particular dentist will meet the unique needs of your family.

Once you have compiled a list of names, the next tip for finding a good dentist will be to call some of the offices on the list to ask about office hours and insurance coverage.

When you find a dentist who fits in with your insurance and schedule, make an appointment to come in for a basic cleaning or a simple consultation so you can check out the office in person. By following these tips for finding a good dentist, you can rest assured that your dental care will be in good hands.

Source by Billings Farnsworth

On sleepovers, college parties and birthdays, Truth or Dare still is the most popular game ever. The only problem is: people run out of ideas for good dares pretty fast. Check out this list of dares for the next time you play Truth or Dare!

1. Get your wrists and legs tied together for 5 minutes

This dare is especially evil if other dares have to be completed with tied hands afterwards. You can even tie different players together for added fun.

2. Go out and feed at least one cat in the neighborhood

3. Pin a coin against the wall with your nose for 3 min

This dare is much harder than it sounds. Especially if your friends make you laugh in the meantime.

4. Act as if you are crying and describe your worst date

Get creative and make some good drama. Let others have fun with your little scene!

5. Act like a dog and get out in the courtyard for 5 min

Tail wagging, leg lifting, barking – your dog names it, you do it!

6. Ask the most beautiful person of the party for a kiss

This is a very sweet dare. Whomever you ask will get this not-so-subtle compliment. But it’s still cute. Go get that kiss!

7. Go outside the next time you have to go to the toilet

This one is easy for the guys to do.

8. Imitate an animal and have everyone guess what it is.

You’ll be surprised at how bad the other players are with hearing your elephant that sounds like a dying frog-giraffe…!

9. Stand in corner for 5 minutes while others are watching.

Especially effective if you have been handcuffed to someone/something, stripped or drenched. Or if you are ticklish and others can tease you while you are stuck without being able to fight back!

10. Lick ketchup from the back of a person of your choice

Easy, sexy or horrible dare. Depending on the back of the person you are licking!

11. Sing a really romantic song with a hard and dry voice

Have the girls do this dare. It’ll be fun for everyone!

12. Drink a mixture of 1/3 sugar, 1/3 salt and 1/3 coffee

You can mix up all sorts of drinks. Be sure that you have the right age for the drink you’re drinking.

13. Imitate a cartoon character and have everyone guess it

14. Pretend to be a clock and show the time with your legs

And show everyone how flexible you are (or not).

15. Put a pillow up your shirt and pretend to be in labor pains.

You’ll have some really sarcastic fun with this one! Be sure to check with the neighbors before you make too much noise. You can pretend the pillow is your baby after it’s born.

16. Think of your favorite swear word and yell it out loud

17. You have to ask out the next person coming in the room

Or you can go up to him or her and try to get a kiss in. Don’t get slapped!

18. Exchange one piece of clothing with your right neighbor

Have a girl and a guy with very different sizes do it for added fun.

19. Have a pointless conversation with a stranger for a min.

The key is to hold the conversation for a full minute. This will seem longer than you think. If you fail, start over.

20. Have someone pour a glass of cold water down your pants.

21. Have the group mix different sauces. You have to eat it.

That’s it: hope you can make good use of those dares for Truth or Dare. Don’t get too crazy with it. Truth or Dare parties are all about the fun, not so much about having someone feeling guilty or disgusted.

Source by Adam F. Bellman

Chavayn avenue

Chavayn avenue is the very first avenue in Yoshkar-Ola. It was named in honor of the first Mari writer and dramatist Sergei G. Chavayn. The avenue was built in the 60s of XX century. The two avenues – of the Victory and Chavayn, completely cutting the city from west to east, form a single pedestrian zone with a total length of about four kilometers. The avenues are decorated with cascading fountains, monuments and sculptures. In the center of the pedestrian zone there is a monument to Sergey Chavayn. The authors of the monument are the Honored artist of the RSFSR B.Dyuzhev and Honored architects of the RSFSR P. Samsonov and E. Stammo.

The central Park of the XXXth anniversary of LYCLSU

Until 1917 a part of the park area served as a Cheboksarskaya or Alexander and Elizabeth fair. In another part there was the town cemetery. In the 1920s it was decided to create a dendrologist nursery on the area of ​​the former cemetery and the fair. They planted about 100 different tree and shrub species, many of them were rare plants for the latitude: apricots, barberries, wild grapes, quince and even cork. The nursery was the base for students of the Volga Forestry Institute moved from Kazan to Yoshkar-Ola in 1932.

Yubileynaya square

Before the revolution of 1917 there was no town yet at this territory. The first buildings appeared in the 1920s. The square owes its name to the 20th anniversary of the Mari Autonomous Region. Currently at the Yubileynaya square there is a green park with a sculptural composition "Out to the Space".

Lenin square

"The Heart of the City" – the capital's residents call the square. It is beautiful, stately, cozy, and it is the center for city and national celebrations, festivals, parades, folk festivals. Traditionally at New Year's eve, the main Christmas tree is set up and the ice town is erected here.

Obolensky-Nogotkov Square

In 2007 in Yoshkar-Ola Obolensky-Nogotkov Square appeared along with the opening of the National Art Gallery and the monument to Ivan Obolensky-Nogotkov the first governor of Tsarevokokshaisk (the author – People's Artist of the Russian Federation A. Kovalchuk). Traditionally, any tour or excursion starts with a tour on the Square and the monument to Ivan Obolensky-Nogotkov. The monument has a quite impressive size – about 6 feet tall and it weighs 6 tons. Ivan Obolensky is depicted entering the city on a warhorse. He holds in his hand a royal charter which states the decree of the king that on Kokshaga river and at this place the Tsar's town shall be based. On another part of the square you can also see a monument to Leonid, the first Bishop of the Mari land (author of the monument – A. Kovalchuk). The Bishop Leonid was born in the Ukrainian peasant family. At age of 16 he entered the monastery. He was tonsured a monk at the Trinity-Sergius Lavra. In March 1937 Leonid became the Bishop of the Mari land. The Square's attraction is a reduced to twice copy of the Tsar Cannon. Together with nuclei the Cannon weighs about 12 tons.

Pobeda avenue

Almost every Russian city regardless of the place it is located has a street or boulevard with the symbolic name "The Victory". For Russian people the word is filled with a special and deep meaning. In the capital of the Republic of Mari El Pobeda avenue (Victory avenue) leads to the Monument of Heroes. This fact played an important role in choosing the name of the avenue. Here the holidays such as the Day of the city, Peledysh payrem (The holiday of flowers), art festivals and, of course, a special holiday – the Victory Day are celebrated. Every citizen has his own favorite places for rest and walking on the avenue. A sculptural composition "The Happy Family" is symbolically situated opposite the Perinatal Center of the Republic of Mari El. Another sculpture "Bench of love and loyalty" is a symbol of love based on the parable of swan fidelity. These birds are considered to be a symbol of pure, gentle and faithful love. And soon a tradition was born on the bench – the lovers and those who are looking for a soul mates sit on the "swan bench" and make a wish carefully rubbing beaks of the birds. The sculptors – the Honored Artist of Russia A. Shirnin and the Honored Artist of the Republic of Mari El S. Yandubayev.

The Archangel Sloboda

On the territory of the Archangel Sloboda there compactly located mansions in the Flemish style for bank offices, cafes and shops. On the facades and roofs of the mansions you can see various figures in bronze.

The Garden near the Government building

The Garden is a very beautiful, cozy and quiet place to relax and photo shoot.

Uspenskaya Street

A part of Uspenskaya street is built up in the Flemish style which is already quite typical for Yoshkar-Ola.

Nata Babushkina Square

Nata Babushkina was born in Tambov region. She was one of the first seven parachutists who set a world record by jumping from a height of 7035 meters without oxygen apparatus. For her courage she was awarded with the Order of the Red Star.

In the summer of 1936 Nata Babushkina was invited to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the Mari Autonomous Region. But her visit to the Mari land turned into a tragedy. During her demonstration jumps Nata's parachute opened too late and the girl fell to the ground. Within three days local doctors fought for her life, but in vain. June 27, 1936 the Soviet sportswomen and the famous parachutist died.

In 1958 a bust to Nata Babushkina was installed in a park in front of the city hospital. The sculptor is K. Blazhnov.

Source by Dinar Khafizov

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