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What are the choices for uninsured or underinsured individuals? Unfortunately it seems like there might be only two choices:

1) You pay money from your own pocket for your health care and

2) You don't seek the medical attention you need.

There are problems with both of these options. If you choose to get healthcare you cannot afford, it can be very financially draining. Either you come up with the money from savings or your credit cards to pay health bills or you have to work out a payment plan with your medical care provider. This can be a real financial strain for families and individuals and impact your life greatly.

The alternative of not seeking the proper medical help is even worse than option number one because this could impact your life. If you are underinsured or uninsured, is there an aspect of your health you are neglecting at this very moment because you cannot afford to see the doctor, the dentist, buy new glasses or send your child in for braces for their teeth? If so, you aren't alone. Many uninsured and uninsured people and families put their health at the bottom of their priority list because it just seems to cost so much money to buy drugs, have surgery, have a baby, buy new prescription glasses or have that root canal that you know you need. But what can you do if you cannot afford it?

Discount Health Plans from Ameriplan

A very wise alternative to being at the mercy of the expensive American health care system is a discount health plan. By paying a relatively small annual fee you have access to instant discounts on health care. Your plan can be selective or comprehensive and can include a few options such as dental and drug benefits or can include extras like trips to the orthodontist, prescription glasses and specialty treatments like chiropractors or massage therapy and counseling services. A discount plan is not the same as insurance but provides you with an extensive list of medical care providers who will deeply discount your services with them. This could equate to hundreds of dollars saved per year at the dentist alone.

How much money can you save with Ameriplan? A trip to the dentist for a cleaning might normally cost you several hundred dollars and with an Ameriplan discount membership you could save up to 80% and your annual membership fee could pay for itself in less than a few visits to the doctor or dentist and save you considerably over the course of a year.

Instead of putting your financial situation at risk or worse, going without essential services it's very worthwhile to consider a discount dental or discount health plan. Whether you have insurance that's inadequate for your needs or are one of the many people who don't have medical insurance, an Ameriplan discount health plan is very worthwhile to consider.

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