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A beautiful smile is very arresting and can build a lasting impression to anyone. Looking at your smile in the mirror, you would feel your self-confidence going to an all-time high. But then, you also know that a smile does not stay forever. A combination of poor lifestyle, genetics, and bad environment contribute to the loss of luster and even the degradation of teeth. Fortunately, there are many ways one can get his or her picture-perfect smile back. One of them is through dental veneers.

Dental veneers are a form of cosmetic dentistry composed of a thin hollow ceramic material specifically designed for a certain individual's teeth. The veneers are then placed on the surface of the tooth, effectively covering the enamel. This results to a renewed and improved smile that has whiter and properly aligned set of teeth.

Dental veneers can be a solution to a host of cosmetic dental issues. Over time, the covering of the teeth will be subjected to wear and tear as a result of eating and drinking habits.

Irregular hygiene and smoking contribute as well. These factors make the teeth dull, disfigured, and noticeably discolored. All these teeth issues can be remedied by dental veneers.

Even inborn teeth issues such as uneven spacing of teeth can be fixed by veneers as they can provide a dental patient well spaced and aligned teeth. They also give added layers of protection for the tooth. In some instances, they entirely prevent more complicated procedures such as a dental crown or bridge. This can become an alternative to whitening techniques especially if the teeth in question also have alignment issues.

Indeed, it looks like dental veneers are multifunctional. They don't only bring back the whiteness of your teeth, but they also protect them from further damage. Of course, dentists will always advise you to change certain dietary habits to ensure that the veneers will be properly taken care of.

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