July 2019

We all desire to have a perfect vision. However with growing age or any inconvenient mis-happening an individual's vision may get distorted. But today science has blessed mankind with several wonderful techniques to rectify the faulty vision.

1. Flap Procedure treatments- are those where the surgeon removes the flap in the cornea to have an access to the tissue underneath. Some of the well known Flap treatments are as follows-

· LASIK refractive eye surgery is quite a commendable eye surgery these days. The term LASIK stands for 'laser in situ keratomileusis' surgery. This treatment is basically meant to treat nearsightedness (myopia), farsightedness (hyperopia) and astigmatism (misshapen cornea). LASIK provides a correct vision through the use of a laser by reshaping the cornea and changing its focusing power. LASIK usually takes less than one minute per eye. In USA LASIK surgeries have been performed since 1993.

· Contemporary technique of LASEK or Laser Epithelial Keratoileusis surgery is also widely used in nowdays. LASEK is akin to LASIK refractive eye surgery. But unlike LASIK, in LASEK the surgeon cuts a flap in the epithelium only instead of through the epithelium and part of the stroma. After this the surgeon loosens the edges of the flap with the help of alcohol. The cases that are too sensitive to be treated by LASIK ie where people have thin or flat corneas are operated under the LASEK. Although LASEK is quite beneficial it has few shortcomings over LASIK. For instance the after LASEK surgery the patient feels uncomfortable for a long time and in comparison to LASIK, LASEK takes more time to heal.

· Epi-LASIK surgery is also a form of LASEK where the flap is removed only at the epithelium without the use of any blade or alcohol. In Epi-LASIK the surgeon makes use of a separator, epikeratome that creates an epithelial sheet. Since there is no alcohol used in this entire process, the patient feels less pain in this surgery and heals relatively faster.

· ALK or the Automated Lamellar Keratoplasty surgery is meant to treat the problem of nearsightedness and mild farsightedness. In ALK firstly the surgeon cuts a flap in the stroma. Then with the use of a microkeratome he removes the material under the flap. This removal is not done in case ALK is taken up to treat far-sightedness. Usually it takes less than an hour to do the ALK eye surgery.

2. Photoablation Technique- this requires the use of ultraviolet radiation to remove the eye tissues. Photoablation is basically the step that follows LASIK and LASEK surgeries.

· PRK or Photorefractive Keratectomy is a surgery that mainly treats nearsightedness, mild farsightedness and astigmatism. Here the surgeon makes the use of an excimer laser to remove the tissue from the surface of the cornea. The tissue ablation is taken up to give a new shape and minimize the vision problem. PRK is not a lengthy procedure. It usually takes less than one minute per eye.

Source by Mansi Aggarwal

When Dr Michael Sullivan and Dr Fortina Dandas established the company way back in 1984, they probably did not know what the future held. An experience of well over 30 years is a great world of expertise and so many patients came and went, each with a lesson to teach. Many generations come to them and the other dedicated staff to discover a stress-free world of dental treatments based on the latest technology with the advanced machinery that makes diagnosis so easy. Get familiar with Sleep dentistry that often provides relief from pain and stress on the dentist’s chair.

The world of dental solutions waits anxiously for the next patient

It is unfortunate that humans inherit so many complex health problems that continue to bother them until the end. Yet, as medical science progresses, more and more cures are being discovered. Perhaps, in the near future, disease and aging may find partial or complete solutions. It seems to be true that, like other diseases, dental problems are also increasing in variety and complexity. Lifestyles are often to blame with the inactive world that does no work or exercise. Fast foods with sugary ingredients, tobacco, wine and dark substances are often the causes of tooth staining and gradual decay.

Problems associated with sleep

In the dentist’s chamber and especially while undergoing treatments, sedation becomes necessary in order to numb the area so that no pain is experienced. The dose and the administration by liquid ointment or injection would depend upon the severity of the discomfort expected. Patients usually fret to undergo dental treatments and the mental stress often turns out to be debilitating, even if no pain is involved.

The term ‘conscious sedation’ expresses the idea very well. It is a mild anesthetic and the patient is quite in possession of the senses. Fully awake and aware of the surroundings, it is a gentle lulling so as to avoid the consciousness of pain. Training is involved to the extent of 24 months after postgraduate studies to practice “Twilight Anesthesia” or Sleep Dentistry. Instead of a general anesthetic, patients get a shot of the intravenous conscious sedation.

The company offers sterling dental solutions for all generations and conditions!

Come to them in complete confidence, knowing that complaints would be well redressed quickly, efficiently and at friendly prices in an ambience that promises comfort. Some possibilities are orthodontic treatments like myobrace and invisalign besides the traditional that gradually straighten teeth into a pretty smile. Extractions and implants, wrinkle relaxers and dermal fillers are other routine treatments.

Sleep problems in another sense

Some experience difficulty in their sleep. Many millions suffer from such a problem because of this strange problem of blockage by tissue at the throat rear. The airway being thus blocked, oxygen does not reach all over the body. The result is waking up now and then. Obstructive Sleep Apnea has a solution. Human ingenuity is capable of many ongoing wonders in the medical world. In this case, a mold of the teeth along with the biting position is used to manufacture a plastic device.

The oral device is worn inside the mouth while sleeping. The device pulls the jaw and tongue to the front, thus opening up the airway. Acting just like night guards and retainers, the device curbs snoring and the tissue collapse, opening up the airway.

Cosmetic dentistry and facial esthetics

Remembering the intimate relationship between the face and jaws, teeth and gums along with the bone, give some attention, time and money to overcome any deficiencies in this region. You would feel so much happier and elated, confident and performing better with a rise in self esteem, ready to conquer the world. A range of little treatments would shape the teeth and elevate the face. Meanwhile, all the constituents would get a thorough checkup to guard against any problem and nip them early.

Preventive and Restorative dentistry would encourage such healthy practices that would deter the rise of dental issues. Scaling and cleaning are some such treatments. Restoration of teeth is a serious business and required for health and esthetic reasons. Cracked and chipped teeth are easily restored to the original condition with veneers and crowns, depending upon the severity.

TMD and Bruxism, gingivitis, periodontitis, plaque, wisdom teeth, whatever, come and find easy solutions. Whether Sleep dentistry or any other, the specialists would find suitable answers.

Source by Harikrishna Patel

Orthodontics is a field of dental specialty that is concerned with tooth movement and facial development. This helps patients who need to have their teeth straightened or jaws aligned, either for cosmetic purposes or to help assist them with oral function such as speaking and eating. There are numerous benefits associated with correcting crooked or crowded teeth, including improving the bite, making it easier to clean your teeth more effectively, and helping to improve your facial appearance. This can lead to far greater confidence in the long run. However, before you begin treatment, it’s helpful to learn more about what to potentially expect.

There are numerous procedures that can be used today in the field of orthodontics. To get started, your dentist will refer you to a specialist in this field, who will give you a full examination. During this initial consultation, you can expect to have photographs, X-rays, and impressions taken of your teeth and bite. The orthodontist will also go through your medical and dental history with you. With this information in hand, the dentist can better determine what type of treatment will best benefit you, so that your teeth are able to move more efficiently in line in the shortest time span possible.

Some of the various appliances that are used in orthodontics can include retainers, palatal expanders, and braces. There are also specific procedures that are involved after the initial consultation. Banding is the process that involves physically fitting and cementing the orthodontic bands to your teeth, while bonding involves fitting brackets to the teeth with cement. To remove these same bonds or bands, the orthodontist will undertake debanding and debonding procedures, and retainers can be given to hold these changes in place indefinitely. Modern orthodontic procedures make use of the latest forms of technology for best results.

There are numerous conditions that may call for the application of orthodontics. For example, if you have a overbite or buck teeth, these can be corrected. The same holds true for those whose lower teeth stick out too far forward in comparison to the upper teeth. Spacing in between the teeth can be taken care of with braces pushing these teeth together, while many people find that their mouths are too small to accommodate their teeth, causing crowding. Whether the problem lies primarily with your jaw or with the teeth themselves, there are orthodontic procedures that can help.

The most common type of tool used in orthodontics is the traditional metal brace. These braces consist of bands, wires, and brackets. The bands are fixed around the tooth as anchors for the appliance, while the brackets are bonded to the tooth’s front exterior. These are then tightened monthly as the teeth go through the movement process. Yet there are numerous types of braces that you can choose from today, including invisible brackets and bands. There are also clear aligners that can be used, which typically take less time for treatment than the traditional methods. These are just a few factors to consider when looking at orthodontic treatment.

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Do you know that tooth decay in children is "5 times more common than asthma and 7 times more common than hay fever"? This fact has been confirmed by the US Surgeon General's Oral Health Report of May 2000. A research conducted by the American Dental Hygienists' Association (ADHA) established periodontal disease as the prime factor leading to diabetes, coronary diseases, HIV and osteoporosis. Paying regular visits to the dentist, therefore, becomes essential for leading a healthy life. There are some critical criteria you must consider while looking for good Manhattan dentists.

Points to Consider While Choosing Manhattan Dentists
When you are searching for a good dentist, there are several parameters you must take into account:

1. Check the credentials of each dentist. Ensure that he has comprehensive knowledge and expertise in conducting dental procedures.

2. Ascertain that the dentist you plan on consulting takes a detailed account of your medical history and any oral health problems.

3. Ensure that the dentist keeps you well-informed about the procedure / s you need to undertake and customize his services according to your individual needs.

In addition to the above-mentioned parameters, you must also look for a dentist who has experience in handling problems similar to your own.

Manhattan Dentists: Specialization
Dentists in Manhattan have a specialization in at least one of the areas of dental care mentioned below:

1 . Orthodontist: See an orthodontist if you wish to get your teeth aligned. The orthodontist applications braces to your teeth and restores their shape.

2 . Endodontist: If you have a problem relating to the inner part of the teeth, you need to see an endodontist than a regular dentist. The endodontist specializes in performing root canals and deals with the blood vessel, tooth enamel and nerves inside the mouth.

3 . Pediatric Dentists: When you need to take your children to the dentist, one with pediatric expertise should be preferred. Pediatric dentists are experts in catering to the needs of children, which are very different from that of adults.

4 . Periodontist: Look for a trusted Periodontist in case of oral infection. Periodontists specialize in diseases relating to the soft tissues, gums and bones that support the teeth.

Source by Alice M Shown

Dental implants have revolutionized dentistry, making it possible to replace a single tooth or all teeth. Implants are inserted into the jawbone and are made of titanium (this metal does well in the body and rarely causes any reaction in patients). They serve as the artificial root to which new teeth are bonded.

Types of Dental Implants

Root implant : -In implant dentistry, this is the most popular form of dental implant. This type of dental implant is very effective and mirrors the size and shape of a patient's natural tooth. Once the dentist applies the local anesthesia, he or she makes an incision in the gum in order to gain access to the jawbone. The bone is then prepared, and the dental implant is inserted into the jawbone with care and precision. Finally, the dentist stitches the gums and, if necessary, prescribes an appropriate medication.

During the Osseo integration step, which lasts anywhere from three to eight months, the jawbone firmly attaches itself to the dental implant. Once Osseo integration is complete the dental implant is fitted with the new tooth.

Plate form implant : -Another form of implant dentistry is the Plate form implant. This dental implant is ideal in situations where the jawbone is not wide enough to properly support a root implant. The plate form dental implant is long and thin, unlike the root implant, and anchors into thin jawbones. The insertion process is the same as for a root implant, but in certain cases, plate dental implants are immediately fitted with the restoration without waiting for the Osseo integration period.

Subperiosteal implant : – This dental implant method is utilized when the jawbone has receded to the point where it no longer supports a permanent implant. These implants are placed on top of the bone and embedded in the gum's, but not in the jawbone as with the other types of dental implants. The dentist applies a local anesthesia, and makes a mold of the mouth and jawbone. From this impression, a dental lab constructs implants to custom fit the patient's jaw. The dentist poses the jawbone and inserts the dental implant on top of it. Over the next month the gum's grow up and around the implant. This same type of implant can sometimes be performed in a single procedure with the use of an initial CAT scan of the gum line and jawbone.

Preservation Required
Although patients should always practice proper dental hygiene, this is especially true once a dental implant has been put into place. When teeth and gum's are not properly cleaned, bacteria can attack sensitive areas, causing the gum's to swell and the jawbone to gradually recede.

Source by Jack Koos

I was in search of the best Dentist, Gaithersburg could offer. That's where it all started.

I was new to the area, and unfortunately, I made some bad choices of dentists before I finally realized there is a science to finding the best local dentist in Gaithersburg, Md. I'll share with you the three steps you absolutely should take to best position you in finding your life-long dentist.

  1. Go to Google and search the term, Dentist Gaithersburg or "Dentist yourcity" What you'll find is a couple pages of scholars that have taken the time to put their information on the web. Now you may ask, "so what?" Admittedly, a website does not guarantee anything, but hear me out. There was a time when websites could mislead and deceive the general public, but thanks to the advent of the citizen journalist, and social media on the Internet, shady dentists will be exposed in a heart beat. What you'll want to do in this step is visit a couple of their sites. Look for the technology standards they use, and areas that they specialize in. If they are ranked well in Google, its a good possibility that others have endorsed that dentist's site with a link, meaning they are probably endorsing him / her.
  2. Next, do the same search for, Dentist Gaithersburg or Dentist yourcity in Yahoo search and MSN Search.

    What you're doing here is cross validating any information across different search engines to see if any other dental offices in your area surface in the lesser used, but still often popular search engines. Once you have completed these dentist searches, you are likely to have a couple of preliminary dentist names pique your interest. Write them down and follow the next step.

  3. Lastly, use Google, Yahoo, and MSN to search the actual Dentist's name to look for reviews. Here's the point we talked about in step one. With the advent of social media sites like Myspace and Facebook, along with the review sites that pepper the Internet, its potentially impossible for a dentist in Gaithersburg to hide from a bad reputation. Think about it … If you have a bad experience with a Dentist, you are likely not afraid to make that known with the anonymity the Internet provides. When I completed this search on my new dentist, I was so grateful to see the reviews actually underestimate my dentist's abilities.

In fact, I was so impressed, I actually set up a review page for the best dentist in Gaithersburg , so others who complete the same searches can find him as well. You can read the review on that page to see just how happy I was to find such a great dentist.

In closing, use the Internet wisely, for your benefit. There is tons of user created content that help us make faster, more informed decisions than ever before in history. And best of all, its free! Hope you find a dentist like I did here in Gaithersburg Md.

Source by William Irish

Electrocardiography, or EKG, is a medical device that reads the electrical activity of the heart. EKGs are usually used to monitor the heart during an electrocardiogram test, or stress test. The EKG stress test checks for changes or abnormalities in the heart during exercise. Often times, heart abnormality symptoms only present during exercise or under stress. The stress test safely stresses the heart and records any abnormal or irregular behavior.

An EKG stress test is usually preformed in a doctor’s office, clinic or hospital. The test results are then read by a doctor. Before the test, electrodes are placed on the patient’s arms, legs and chests. The electrodes are then hooked to an EKG to record the heart’s activity on a piece of paper. The chest may be loosely wrapped with an elastic band to keep the electrodes from falling during exercise. A blood pressure cuff is wrapped around the upper arm to check blood pressure rates every few minutes during the test.

To stress the heart the patient either walks on a treadmill or pedals on a stationary bicycle while being monitored by the EKG. The test is usually preformed in three stages, each lasting three minutes. After each three-minute stage, the resistance or speed of the exercise apparatus is increased. On both the bicycle and treadmill, the heart rate, EKG and blood pressure is continuously recorded. Doctors also ask the patient questions, such as “How hard do you feel the exercise is?” Answers are given from a 6 to 20 rating of perceived exertion. The test continues until the stages are complete or until the patient reaches maximum heart rate, and the patient begins to show symptoms of stress, or the EKG shows decreased blood flow to the heart.

Having an EKG is very beneficial to discovering abnormalities in the heart. It can help find causes of unexplained chest pain, decide the best treatment for persons suffering with angina, read the stamina of the heart, checks for blockage or bondage in the heart, test strength of heart medicine, and help design an exercise program.

Many experts believe that anyone older than age 35 who is also generally inactive should have and exercise test to search for “silent” heart problems before starting a vigorous exercise program. In addition, as a precautionary measure, athletes, including students should consider having an EKG stress test done to help rule out any possible heart conditions.

Source by Neville Street

At what point can you justify buying an airplane for your business?

If you are running a business of some scale, chances are you are traveling for business as well. How is that working for you? The days that business travel was fun are long gone. Welcome to the hassles of security, sold out flights and the inevitable connections and lay overs. The airline "hub and spoke" concept forces us to make endless connections at the hubs to all but the largest cities. This often makes flying to your destination a half day affair or worse. This can be different though. Hello to the business airplane.

I did a little experiment. A friend of mine and I both had to travel from Cincinnati to Miami. He flew Delta and I flew my airplane. We left home at exactly the same time. He went to CVG and I went to Lunken Airport, a municipal airport in Cincinnati. You probably know how his day went so I'll spare you those details. I showed up at the FBO and my plane was toppled off and ready to go. I had filed my flight plan that morning and quickly pref-illuminated the airplane. I was taxiing out within 15 minutes of arriving at the airport and in another 15 minutes I was airborne and well on my way to Miami. Once at cruising altitude, I had a cup of coffee, I had time to prepare for the meeting ahead. I landed at Opa Locka Airport, just north of Miami and took an UBER to the company on Miami Beach. As I exited the car, my friend folded up in his taxi. We had arrived within 3 minutes of each other!

So, is private travel faster? No, at least not between Cincinnati and Miami. Is it less expensive? No, definitely not. But besides my flight being much more enjoyable, traveling between major cities is just a part of the advantage of a private plane. The advantage is much more impressive when traveling between multiple cities in one day or traveling to more out of the way places. Flying your own plane also gives you complete flexibility of when you can come or go. The equation also changes when you fly with more people as the cost of the flight can be divided per passenger. If you can fill up all the seats on your plane, the flight costs the same but the cost per person obviously drops and often will approach first class commercial ticket prices. It has also been my experience that many customers and vendors like private aircraft. They like dealing with successful people and owning a plane arguably puts you in that category. So, in the end, how do you justify it? First and foremost; you like it, that's how. You like the convenience and you like the feel. Welcome to the big league.

Look at your business. Would have access to an airplane change the way you do business? Do you often travel with a team or are you traveling alone? Is you business regional, national or international? Having owned different aircraft, I can tell you that owning a plane is like owning a car instead of taking the train. It's more expensive but boy is fun, convenient and do not underestimate it as a business tool.

With your success in mind,

Source by Michiel Schuitemaker

The ancient and historical lands of Europe have town, villages, and cities where some of them date back to the day of the first historic Christmas. Other mostly established in the centuries that followed but their long histories are closely tied to the holiday of Christmas. Some of have dramatic festivals and snow covered scenery straight out of a storybook. No matter what you're particular religion, spending the Christmas season with your family in the fabled lands of Europe can be a one of kind and all together magical experience. Here are a few of the towns and villages with some of the best Christmas celebrations anywhere in the world.

1. Salzburg, Austria

The town of Salzburg is not only the birthplace of the legendary composer Mozart and the setting for the iconic "Sound of Music", it has one of the largest Christmas markets in Europe. It attracts millions of visitors every season to shop the hundreds of stalls, shops, and celebrations as the air fills with the amazing sounds of the season. There are children's puppet shows and choir singing songs, making this place a magical Christmas setting high in the stunning snowy mountains of the Alps. The town is light with million of lights and horse drawn sleighs trot along the cobblestones. There are countless places to find one of kind Christmas treasures, toys, trips, and ornaments. Step into a quiet café and warm yourself with a hot cup of cocoa or a glass of wine.

2. Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Germany

This historical medieval town nestled deep in the Black Forest of Germany is probably one of the most magical and enchanting places to visit around Christmas time. Christmas is so important here that they even have a massive Christmas market that is open all year around. The city is transformed into a winter wonderland and the market, known as Reiterlesmarkt, dates back to the 15th century. Aside from the fantastic shopping where shops and streets are filled with toys, ornaments, and heavenly trips, the town itself will have you swearing Santa's workshop might be just around the corner. The buildings are centuries of years old and the cobblestone streets give the entire town a very romantic feel. Make sure to stop by and nibble on their signature treat, the Schneeball or snowball, which is especially sweet fried dough, roled in sugar. It's really a winter fairyland.

3. Dresden, Germany

The Christmas market began in here in 1434 and is the oldest and most popular in Germany. The entire city is alight with Christmas lights and there is no shortage of holiday fun to have. From the Gingerbread Festival in early December to the Stollenfest to the Christmas Arch Festival, the holiday events last all month long. Each one brings to life the history, traditions, and customs through carols and dances and the entire city delights in the cheer of the Christmas season. The children are front and center for the season too. Santa and his elves meet with the little ones and there are enchanting storybook cottages that will have the kids sure they have stepped into one of their fairytales. There is also a children's railway and merry-go-round in the children's adventure land. Kids can enjoy puppet sows, story telling or simply sinking their teeth in delicious treasures and chocolates. Enjoy authentic gingerbread in the very land where it originated or stop in and a local pub or restaurant to warm your toes.

4. Prague, Czech Republic

The Christmas season lasts all month long in the Czech Republic and the capital city of Prague hosts one of the largest Christmas markets in Europe. The city is wrapped in Christmas lights and the air is filled with the sounds of Christmas carols emanated from both the streets and any one of the gothic churches. The Old Town Square and the Wenceslas Square host the main Christmas markets where you can not only buy ornaments, winter gear, jewelry, traditional souvenirs or toys, but also hearty food and hot wine on a chilly winter evening. Enjoy some traditional seasonal food such as roasted ham, sausage, or Trdelnik, which is a delicious sugary pastry. The pubs are a place where you can relax, socialize and enjoy some of the local beer. The children will enjoy the Nativity scene and a chance to pet the goats and sheep or awe at the massive Christmas tree in Old Town Square. You can also enjoy phenomenal operas and symphonies as well. All month long, the city becomes even more spectacular than usual.

5. London, England

In the land of Charles Dickens, the classic Christmas tales come to life in front of your eyes. Seems as though every inch of the city is covered in Christmas lights. During the holiday season you can enjoy ice-skating and Christmas choirs singing into the chilly night air. A visit to the annual Winter Wonderland and you can see ice sculptures and shop until you drop. There are several Christmas markets that offer all kind of treats, toys, souvenirs, clothing, ornaments, etc, there are shows, plays, and symphonies to get yourself in the mood for the season. There are sleigh rides and Santa's Grotto along with a stroll through the 105-acre wildlife oasis. You can hear the story of Scrooge in London's Wetland Center. The famous store Harrods also gets a visit from Santa giving the family a chance for shopping, photos with Santa, and even real-life reindeer. You can also see real reindeer at the London Zoo along with Santa and his elves as well. The list is endless and you are sure to stay in the Christmas spirit for a long time.

Source by Christopher Walters

Taking out dental insurance and knowing you are at least somewhat covered in case you need to go to the dentist is a relief for many people. However, it is also important to know exactly what your dental insurance covers, how much your deductibles will be, what your co-pay fees will be, and what the limit is that the insurance plan will cover. Many people make the mistake of assuming that if they have dental insurance, meet the deductible, and pay the co-pays, they have unlimited dental insurance. This is a common misconception and one that is rarely true in anyone’s case.

Understanding what your dental insurance covers and how much of total expense it will pay out is something that everyone should look into before they begin making dental appointments. Most dental insurance plans have a limit of what they will pay out each year. One thousand dollars, fifteen hundred dollars, and two thousand dollars are common amounts that are included into a large majority of people’s dental plans.

Typically, these types of dental plans are available through a person’s place of employment. Other options can be available for dental plans if you seek it through a private agency. You may find that choosing a private dental plan could end up in the policy covering more dental work, but the amount you pay into the plan is also significantly more than what you would pay on a dental plan through your work.

If it has been a while since you have been to the dentist, you may end up with a dental report that includes deep cleaning treatments to remove growths of bacteria, fillings, crowns, partials, and more. A few of these treatments combined can easily add up to four or five thousand dollars. Before you begin scheduling your treatments, speak to your dental office and ask them how much of the treatments your insurance plan will cover. A comprehensive and helpful dentist office will print you out a sheet that shows how much total expenses your dental plan will cover, how much each treatment or procedure will cost, and how much your co-pay will be for every procedure listed.

Having this printed information in hand will help you to be prepared in knowing what treatments you can schedule and which ones will need to be postponed for the following year. If you do not want to postpone the treatments for the following year and your plan only covers a portion of the dental work you need completed, you can pay out of pocket or ask the dentist office about any payment plans they may have available.

If people are not familiar with having a dental plan, when they get one, it may seem like everything is covered other than a co-pay fee. This is rarely the case and it is extremely important to read the fine print in your policy or to call the dental insurance provider to address any concerns you may have.

Source by Nelson McWilliams

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