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The aloe Vera plant has been around fro a number of years. A native of Africa it is most commonly know for its healing and soothing power. Aloe Vera lotions have been used by people since time has begun. It is a natural healing medicine that does not have to cost anything! You just buy one aloe Vera plant and you have all the medicine you need for a good little while! Aloe Vera plants have many secret uses. Scientists are finding that Aloe Vera is best used not just as a healing lotion but also in other ways.

Aloe Vera Helps With:

1. Your immune system: Aloe Vera improves the functioning of your immune system by giving it a boost. Your body remembers the things that makes you sick. Aloe Vera gives your immune system a warning so that your body is fully aware to start protecting itself before the disease or sickness attacks.

Allergies: Allergies are caused when collagen tissue is weakened in the nasal passage. When the collagen is weakened it allows foreign elements to be allowed to enter through your nasal passes and into your blood stream. Aloe Vera helps to strengthen the collagen making this less of an occurrence.

2. Strengthening your Heart: Aloe Vera helps to lower bad cholesterol and build up the good cholesterol. It also helps with symptoms of coronary artery disease.
Fighting Wrinkles: The gel like properties in aloe increases the production of fibroblast. Fibroblast is what produces collagen. Aloe helps the body produce fibroblast 10 times faster then our bodies every could there pushing pushing stronger collagen out to our bodies and strengthening skin.

3. Healing wounds: Aloe Vera is an anti-inflammatory. It prevents and stops inflammation due to burns and any open wounds.

4. Soothing Intestinal Upsets: When you have an upset stomach it is usually because your intestines are inflamed. Since, as said before, aloe is and anti-inflammatory it helps to calm down the inflammation that causes upset stomach.

5. IBS-Irritable Bowel Syndrome: Aloe helps to cleanse and repair the lining of the digestional track restoring its natural functionality.

6. Curing Acne: Acne is very infamous in young adults. Aloe Vera helps to calm inflammations in the skin which reduces the scarring and outbreaks that are common with the condition.

There are 350 varieties of Aloe Vera plants out there. This "Lily of the Desert" can work wonders for you and your life style. Before you stop and just using the aloe Vera lotion think of all the other benefits. Aloe Vera truly is the "Miracle Plant."

Source by Rajsheda George

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