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The state of Georgia has addressed the issue of insuring uninsured children. There are many children who do no have health insurance either because their parents are unemployed and the coverage that was previously provided by their job is no longer in force. Or, some families just plain can not afford the astronomical costs of purchasing a family health plan.

In the state of Georgia these children have the opportunity to be insured by a plan called Peach Care. Peach Care is a program for children who are not covered under Medicaid due to ineligibility and are not covered elsewhere by other health plans.

The parents pay a small premium (ranging from $ 10 to $ 35 per month per child over 5) subject to a maximum of $ 70 per month no matter how many children covered under the plan. This plan is available to children up to their 19th birthday.

A relatively new health care program, started in 1999, it offers a comprehensive health coverage for children in households that are at 235% of the federal poverty level or below. For example, the federal poverty level for a family of 3 is $ 15,670. 235% would translate to an annual income of $ 36,824. Similarly, a family of 4 would be eligible if the annual income is $ 44,298 or below.

In addition to the annual income stipulation, the children must also be a US citizen living in the state of Georgia and uninsured.

The coverage is comprehensive and includes doctor visits, immunization, specialist care, dental, vision, hosp, emergency, prescription and mental health care. The child's care is coordinated by a Georgia Better Health Care primary care provider.

There is a stipulation, however, that children of state employees, employees of the public school system or the Board of Regents, are ineligible, without the parents are part-time or temporary employees (and can not to enroll in state plans because of their part-time or temporary status).

Source by Elizabeth Newberry

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